Audio Visual Task 1

This exact part in the movie is an action scene so there’s a lot of key action shots being used. IT starts with a scenic shot showing that it’s in a church and the environment it’s going to take place in. At one point the camera angle goes to a high angle, Showing people viewing Colin Firth fighting others. A high angle shot has the effect of diminishing the subject and making them less powerful. Another big camera shot used in this is a POV shot. This is a shot from a persons prospective. For example the camera is going with Colin Firth as he is fighting, this is a great way to use the camera because it involves the audience more with the film. There is also time stretching involved in the film. For example they sped up the majority of the scene to make it look more aggressive and fast, but at one part they slow down the scene to show Colin Firths prospective.The siren/signal sort of sound increasing in volume and pitch at the start of the scene gives us the impression that something big is going to happen. This leads into the fight.The music is upbeat and chaotic which suits the scene really well. The distorted soloing guitars gradually getting more and more over the top represents the fight peaking and coming towards the end.


Emerging tech lesson 2

A quick re cap of today. In this lesson we learnt the basics of Arduino, this involved coding to eletric paint. We used teensy as an interface to connect a painting we have done. 

This meant that when we connected it to a plug in (for example massive) and we touched one of the shapes of the painting. A sound was then produced from the plug in. 


This is the basic coding for the midi keyboard. I had a problem with getting seperate sounds at first due to the touch value to being at 2400, i changed it to 1400 and uploded it the code. This fixed the problem of getting seperate sounds from differen’t shapes. 

Audio visual Lesson one

In our firt lesson we were given an introduction by Stefan into the ideas of AV. (Just to state our assessments are in January) 
The idea of Av is to give you some skills and practical expeirience withing the module. The core stuff we will look at is camera operation, lighting, editing and projection mapping. 
11th January is the assesment, this can be a music video with a brief intro presentation. You can peform individually or in pairs. A week after the live assesment you will need to do a presentstion (basically going over your blog) 
Technical skills we will look at

1) cameria/lighting
2) editing- premier and after effecrs
3) intercrive/generative work
4) projecting mapping (mad mapper, resolume) 

OCT/NOV – film theory/technical

DEC- final project idea, tutorials, group crit (towards start of december should have knowledge on what your going to create)


JAN – Assesment, first wednesday back


Hip Hop track, me featuring. Then film over christmas, around Barnet, in my house and garden.

Laurens track for EP

A sound concept. 

A liquid drum and bass track, with vocals and smooth bassslines. Filming can be landscape, early morning in the fields to see the sun rise. Can involve Lauren vocals. 

For next week- Locate a short video clip, and analyse the scene. Talk about the music, sequence, sound fx, camera angles and lighting. Make sure the film is online. 


For brief 1 you will need to produce a narrative film. It will need to be presented on 12th October. Idea is a life of a student, has to be 30-60 seconds long. 

Emerging technologies lesson 1

Today we started our first lesson monday 1-5pm of emerging technologies. This lesson basically covers the overview of our module. Its an exiting opportunity to get to grasp with new technologies. 

Some platforms we will be looking at is Arduino, teensy Platform and 3D printing. Aduino and teensy are tiny computers designed for design tasks. I should take a look at rasberry pie’s in  my spare time. We will mainly be looking at Teensy in this module. Teensy is also midi ready, this means we can attach wires and notes to it and get it working. Maximus P is another platform to look at. Makey makey is also another playform but it is quite limited. 3D printing will also play a part in this module and will combine with the platforms for final project. An idea for 3D printing final project could be a foleyproject.for example a gun when you press it makes a shooting sound, Or a car when you touch makes car sounds. is a good link to look at for this module. is another link wortg taking a look at. Links can be found on blackboard

Weekly programme up to 31st Oct

The final assesment will be on 12th December in CAA102. Work will be handed on a data disc, presnetation should be filmed and on your blog with link on usb. Everything relevent to your project will needed to be handed in. 
Three main points will be that you create something, present it, and hand work in on a research folder which included all relevent work and film of presentation.

This link explains max MSP 

Sound design Portfolio
This is the link to all of my portfolio work that i have been creating. Here you can view music that i have composed over adverts and audio that i have designed for certain footage. 

SATB Peformance

This is a photo of the set up of my peformance for SATB.  

The actual peformance went down pretty smoothly.a few things were added on the day to make it sound more complete. 

1) vocals, because its a national geographic based peformance, this being music played over a documentary. We decided that Tim could do some harmony over the peformance, there was reverb on the microphone that made it sound even better. 

2) We added reverb and an efect to make Jasons guitar sound more eery. This made the performance sound more complete. 

3) Change of key from C 

4)I changed some of the synths to give it a atmospheric feel as some synths were a bit to comercial for the peformance, 

Once this was all done the overall peformance went really well, 

Some changes i would do 

There would be only one change i would do, and that would of been to sound design the video. 

So it would consist of rain/thunder/trees blowing in the wind and animal sounds. Then we would have music over it, i think that would of made the peformance even better. 

SATB Rehearsal 

Today i rehearsed for my SATB Peformance. It helped a lot getting critism from thw other students so i could peeferct it for the acrual day.

Some notes

Change the key in peformance

Add some more ambience sytnhs

Tim needs to play harder on the bongo

SATB Rehearsal 

Today we practiced for my final improved piece. I had the graphic score prpared on my ipd with the video playing through my macbook. On the final day the video will be played through Tims mac so i can work with the synths i created witout having to move the video. 

Video and track completed for fez’s video

The track and video is finally completed for fez’s video. The track itself is an ambience drum and bass track. Because the video itself is dark, i needed a track to support the horror/action vibe i was going for. This meant the track had to have long evolving synths and jumping basslines. The drums had to eventually build up to a beat as the video at the start is slow. Effects were needed in the track for example delay and filters. Overall i am happy with the final piece for the video.

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